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What is Local SEO going to do for me?

Business owners want more business. Diverse factors can cause the reasons for not getting more traffic. The ones I work with are how people are finding you online. If you have a website, is the site properly configured for SEO? Another reason can be a lack of local citations or citations that are not correct.

If your business has been in different locations, chances are that part of your listings are not correct. Many of your listings may be for your old location, while others may be your new location. These are a few of the items that can make it difficult for businesses to find you. This is an area that Local SEO helps with.

If you use me, the first thing I will do is a site audit. With this I can find existing listings and find if the listings that are inconsistent. If they are not the same, I will correct the listings I find. I will analyze your listings on your Google Maps and Apple Maps for consistency and check your local listings on Google and Bing.